Zero km machines and assistance

The peculiarity of Tonioni Srl machines is that they can be managed, optionally should the Client need it, through either remote monitoring or remote maintenance. This monitoring characteristic is guaranteed by a safe and secure (encrypted) connection in OpenVPN mode, established between Tonioni Srl server and the machines and systems which have been installed all over the world. There are no intermediate connecting devices: the connection between the server and the system which needs to be monitored is direct.

The connection modalities are 2:

1. Manufacturer-Machine Level: the Manufacturer can access all the softwares which run the system and can make amendments directly on line.

2. Client or Machine User Level: the Client/User can look at the status of the machine and the production data, can manage data collection and storage through html pages, designed in accordance with every single need and accessible through a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet; furthermore, the Client/User can automatically receive via e-mail either a file containing all production data or an alert generated by the system alarm or any other alert he might be interested in. The web pages, their display and the kind of data collection can be remote modified by the Manufacturer even when the system is working at the Client’s firm. In order to establish these connections, the Client should simply keep the machine connected via Ethernet to an Internet router; if this is not possible, the machine should be equipped with a 3G SIM card able to establish an Internet connection.

Tonioni Automation: they will never stop.