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Macchine automatiche su misura

For Tonioni Srl every new automatic machine, every new industrial robot corresponds to a new beginning, a new ground zero, a new challenge; every automatic machine or industrial robot represents for Tonioni Srl a new project: all the previsously acquired expertise will not be sufficient to satisfy the client’s needs if we are not brave enough to go beyond this, and realise a new custom-made dress.

Regardless of the client’s production sector, Tonioni Srl designs custom-made automatic machines, thanks to the expertise and creativity of its technicians, who are constantly trained, to offer the best technical solutions in compliance with estimated budgets.
Automation and industrial robotics are for Tonioni Srl synonyms of highly qualified staff, technicians and not just workers, men and women able to manage machines thanks to their professional skills. Tonioni Srl is partner of its clients: we aim to allow them to show their ability to realise products which are a step ahead of their competitors.

Since 2001, we have made our expertise available to both large industry and medium and small business. We automatize the production through prototypes, following the whole development of the product, from its design to the full automation; we costantly look for solutions which can give an exponential boost to the production, in order to allow small and medium business to be competitive, to keep their clients and not to be forced to move in low labour cost countries; we enhance the productivity of automatic machines through specific retrofitting, also aimed at improving work conditions and the staff’s safety; we turn to the mechanical sectors of big automation groups when the goal is to boost a standard production by introducing particular line beginnings or line ends; we make special robotic grips, matching every kind and brand of robots, robotic grips able not only to simulate the movement of a real hand when the piece exits, but also to grasp the piece when it enters, thanks to the use of refined detectors. We always propose unique and custom-made solutions. We solve our clients’ issues.