For Tonioni Srl every solution requested corresponds to a new beginning, a new zero point, a new challenge; especially every automation represents for Tonioni Srl a new project in which all previous skills and prior learning are put in place to build a new tailored suit. 

Regardless of the customer’s production sector, Tonioni Srl designs tailored automatic machines and performs targeted revisions and updates of existing machines. It does this through experience and the  technical creativity of our experts, that can handle the machines thanks to specialized skills. We are partners of our customers. Our aim is to allow them to demonstrate to the world to be able to make a product that will always be a step ahead of competitors. 

Since 2001, first as TSM Tonioni Sergio then, from 2013, as Tonioni Srl we make our experience available for business: both big industry, small and medium enterprises. We engineer production by means of prototypes that follow the development of the product from its inception until its complete automation; we continually research solutions that can increase production, quality and safety, enabling enterprises to remain competitive. We enhance the productivity of automatic machines through targeted retrofitting, also useful to improve the work and the safety of personnel; we cooperate with large automation groups when the goal is to improve a standard production through the introduction of a particular beginning or end of the production line; We produce special gripping hands, combined with all types and makes of robots; we install latest generation systems for visual quality control.
We solve the problems of our customers.